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Bunny Hug



A regional term for a hooded sweatshirt, evoking feelings of coziness and warmth, similar to the comforting embrace of a bunny.

Dairy Cow

/ˈderē/   [KOW]


A term used to describe objects or patterns that feature a combination of black and white, reminiscent of the classic markings found on dairy cows.




The emblematic silhouette of the Moonicorn, which serves as a beloved symbol of Small Town,a unifying icon for the community.




Holding the honorary position of the Mayor of smallTown, they are a symbolic figure of lore. A crossbreed of a unicorn and classic dairy cow, symbolizing the town's spirit and heritage. [LINK]





A representative community embodying the collective essence and character of various small towns, resonating with the experiences of individuals who originate from such locales.




A resident or native of a small town, often reflecting the communal values, culture, and way of life associated with smaller, close-knit communities.