A unique combination of dairy cow and unicorn.

Nickname(s): Moonie, Unimoo, Magic Milk *not to be confused with Magic Mike

Assumed Office: Founder and mayor of smallTown


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Origin Story
  • 3. Career and Legacy


Moonicorn is the beloved mayor and mascot of smallTown. Known for his unique appearance, part cow and part unicorn, he is a symbol of the town's mischievous spirit and individuality. Moonicorn's age remains a mystery, adding to his allure.

Origin Story

Moonicorn embodies the free spirit - one who dared to dream beyond limitations. Originating in the core of the original misfit, Moonicorn symbolizes the essence of those yearning to shatter the constraints of small-town norms, igniting a spark within us to defy conventions, explore new horizons, and unleash our creativity. Moonicorn stands as a tangible representation of the bravery to confront our fears head-on and forge ahead, regardless.

Career and Legacy

Mayor Moonicorn's ascent to leadership was as unconventional as their arrival into the world. As they matured, their reputation for instilling courage and inspiring dreams flourished among the inhabitants of their land. Moonicorn, communicating through a profound empathy that resonated with the hearts of many, led with a style that was less about dictating policies and more about nurturing the collective spirit of the community.

Under Mayor Moonicorn's guidance, the town experienced a renaissance of hope and innovation. Citizens were encouraged to listen to their instincts and pursue their aspirations with vigor. This ethos, coupled with Moonicorn's magical ability to galvanize the populace, led to a period of prosperity and happiness that was later referred to as "The Great Luminescence."

Mayor Moonicorn's legacy is one of unity and inspiration. They are known not just for the initiatives they championed, but for the sense of wonder and possibility they rekindled in the hearts of the young and old alike. Monuments erected in their honor depict Moonicorn not as a conventional leader, but as a beacon of light, a reminder to all that the power to change the world lies within each individual's courageous pursuit of their dreams.


Personal details

Born: In Imagination

Education: University of Dreams

Occupation: Mayor of SmallTown

Known for: Blending the adventurous spirit of a unicorn with the nurturing qualities of a dairy cow, leading SmallTown with whimsy and care.

  • Name: Moonicorn
  • From: smallTown, USA
  • Age: Forever unknown
  • Height: 62 inches
  • Horn Length: 12 inches
  • Body Length: 98 inches
  • Body Width: 25 inches
  • Occupation: Mayor, smallTown Mascot