Unincorporated fictional town.

- Misfit Mecca
- Oddity Oasis


SmallTown is a town that represents a place where belonging and individuality harmonize. It embodies the essence of small-towns, resonating with those who have dared to pursue their most daunting dreams[1].


Located approximately 40 minutes from the nearest urban center, SmallTown offers an oasis from city life. Its serene environment is marked by open skies and a tight-knit community feel. The landscape boasts fields, woods, and tranquil back roads, with most destinations within a five-minute reach[2].


SmallTown's culture thrives on community spirit, where eccentricity is embraced, and conformity is scarce. The local diner stands as the cultural and social epicenter, complemented by the nostalgic charm of the old gas station. The town's youth are characterized by their adventurous nature, often bending the rules to pave new paths and inspire change, epitomizing the motto 'breaking boundaries to create new possibilities’.


Leading the town is Mayor Moonicorn, a unique combination of dairy cow and unicorn, representing the community's adventurous spirit and unwavering dedication to pursuing dreams.[5]


  • smallTown Diner: The hub of social and cultural life in SmallTown[6].
  • Pit Stop Gas Station: A symbol of reliability, open 24/7 for slushies and beyond[7].
  • Main Street: Hosts local shops and daily drags[3].
  • The Woods & Fields: Known for youthful parties and adventures[7].
  • Town Cemetery: A spot for reflection and unconventional gatherings.
  • The Many Dirt Roads: Represent the town's wild spirit, leading to secret spots and scenic vistas only the locals know[7].
  • The smallTown shop: Retail and merchandise.
  • The Barn: Showcases local talent.
  • smallTown Times: The local newspaper with all the goods n’ giggles.

Events and Traditions

  • Field Parties: Celebrations of freedom and the rebellious spirit of SmallTown's youth[7].

In Popular Culture

SmallTown is referenced in various unnamed works as an archetype of the small-town experience, imbued with a sense of rebellion and vibrant youth culture[1].


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Demonym: smallTowner